E The Movie Review: a horror movie that offers nothing new

E The Movie Review: a horror movie that offers nothing new

Finding variety is a really tough task in the genre of horror and the latest Kukku Surendran film E isn't any different. From being predictable in terms of the usage of scaring tactics there are numerous flaws or limitations to this horror film and as a director Kukku Surendran can't make it look more real on screen. With less creative surprises in the package E doesn't really create an impact.

Four friends who were interested in film making decided to begin their dreams by creating a documentary about Alzheimer’s patients. For that they chose a patient named Malathy and the movie is about the events that unfold after their entry to that old home in Harippadu.

Everyone in this movie has the common sense to go in groups when something scary happens. That's the one logical positive I found in this film. While this was a change, everything else in the film is like the typical ghost film. An evil soul trying to fulfil its wishes, outsiders coming and solving the mess, usual series of black magic and supernatural response are the ingredients of E. Talking about Alzheimer’s in front of Alzheimer’s patient was a really cruel thing to do. While the second half seemed like a better one, the makers add irrelevant unnecessary elements to make it look silly.

Gauthami in her comeback has that innocent face to be that character of Malathy. While she was a convincing cast as the normal Malathy she couldn't bring in a graceful heft when the character becomes eccentric. The 6 new faces Ashiq Ameer, Balaji Jayaraman, Daine David, Kalyani Vidya, Meera Nair and Nithya in the film can't really create any impression. Krishnan Balakrishnan appears in a brief role.

Realistic horror was what they claimed in the posters and to be honest it wasn't that realistic. The dialogues lacked the natural feel and everything that followed the existing pattern made the film unsurprising. Added humor doesn't work. Cinematography is not creating much tension visually. The music from Rahul Raj was really good. The placement of the last song was awkward. The edits were not sharp.

Some segment of the audience would go for horror films only to get scared and not to dive in to the creative aspects of it. Even for that audience, E won't be that satisfying.


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