Dakini Review: a dull movie that couldn’t engage its viewer

Dakini Review: a dull movie that couldn’t engage its viewer

Imagine a story that will have four aged women on one side fighting against a don. That’s like the perfect plot for a madcap entertainer movie. What Rahul Riji Nair has done with his second film Dakini is pretty much that. But with a weakly written screenplay and a making that doesn’t have compelling humor or excitement to its credit, Dakini is somewhat a tedious movie. The stuck plot is struggling to explore the scope of a spoof effectively.

Four elderly women who are apartment mates are our main characters. They are very close to each other and they play cards almost every day. One of them named Moly happens to meet her old boyfriend Kutanpilla. But Kuttanpilla had a mysterious background. And that background story ended in his abduction and the movie Dakini shows us how these 4 women along with a man they call as Kuttappi manages to rescue him from the Don.

The idea here should have been to give us a roller coaster entertainer. But director Rahul isn’t successful in maintaining the movie in that entertaining zone. Look wise the movie has got a quality. But the content is not complementing that technical high of this movie. The lack of genre clarity is one evident problem. The movie is sentimental and emotional for some time. But its true color is satirical and humorous. The decision to give the movie almost all such flavors has made it a confused mix rather than a niche movie.

In my opinion, the best performer in the movie was Aju Varghese who performed in his usual style. Pauly Wilson, Sarasa Balussery, Savithri Sreedharan and Sethu Lakshmi were actually struggling to find the correct balance in performing the roles without any shades of dramatization. Aju Varghese manages to crack that zone neatly and Saiju Kurup, whose character isn’t that extensive also has the knack to crack the role assigned to him. Chemban Vinod Jose has the swagger and Indrans was also there in a role that reminded me of his performance in Aadu.

After state award-winning Ottamuri Velicham, this is Rahul Riji Nair’s second film. Dakini, which is also written by him, has this compromised feel of a spoof gangster comedy deciding to become less of a spoof and more of an entertainer with all emotions. The wicked part which was claimed in the caption of the movie wasn’t that evident in the writing. Alex J Pulikkal has managed to find peculiar frames, but the brittle story wasn’t giving the technical pluses the much-needed support. While Saiju Kuruppu’s character was wondering what the hell is happening, I found myself having the same set of questions watching the movie’s development. The monkey scene and a few others were extremely annoying. Music was pleasing while the background score wasn’t necessarily giving any particular boost to the movie.

Dakini is a dull movie that couldn’t engage its viewer in an interesting spoof/ satire. The helpless older women vs powerful Don idea demanded a little more coherent way of depiction. Apart from a few moments of genuine spoofing in the second half, Dakini fails to make an impression.


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