C/O Saira Banu Movie Review - A hearty narrative movie

C/O Saira banu movie review

The maternal love is the base of the film C/O Saira Banu and that emotion is what driving this film. Even after getting stretched by certain theatricality in the treatment, Saira Banu’s story manages to be engaging as a thriller and an emotional story. The influence of the 2013 film Jolly LLB is there for sure, but with some considerable tweak in the conclusion C/O Saira Banu succeeds in being a pleaser.  

A post woman Saira Banu and her son Joshua is the main characters of this film. The photography enthusiast Joshua is on the verge of getting a photography scholarship that will help him immensely. But unfortunately an accident that takes place during that time makes Joshua an accused. The film is about Saira Banu’s struggle to get Joshua out from this case.

The movie when it ends has many lose ends which I felt as a demerit. The end credit scene offers a solution to one such question that will pop up in our mind, but there are more questions that we will have which weren’t answered properly. The middle portion melodrama stretches the film considerably. The Jolly LLB inspired investigative mode happens only in the last quarter of the entire run time. The film also addresses the security issues of the other state worker who are here and that were a positive one. But the motherly love becoming an excuse to hide a criminal is still a debatable part.

The criticism of being a bit artificial was there against Manju Warrier in her second outing. In C/O Saira Banu, we can see both lively and emotional shades of Manju which on the whole will please you. Shane Nigam as Joshua was really good. Amala has a lengthy character role and apart from the dubbing glitch, she was fine. The movie has actors like John Paul, Niranjana, Biju Sopanam and a few others as well.

Rosshan Andrewss’s long time associate Antony Sony is the director of the film and the making has the similar influence if you observe the way he has handled the melodrama. It is in the semi realistic zone. Screenplay succeeds in building a good relationship between Saira Banu and Joshua in the first half. The middle phase looses the grip considerably. The content impresses us by drifting away from the prediction we may make. Cinematography and cuts were fine. Music was also catchy.

C/O Saira Banu have flaws for sure. But with a hearty narrative that addresses various aspects of motherly love with pinch of suspense and thrill, this movie won’t be a regret.