Clint Review - It wont astonish as the real Clint

Clint Malayalam movie Review

Edmund Thomas Clint stunned all in the past when he painted more than 25000 paintings at the age of 7 years. But the latest biopic Clint directed by Harikumar won't astonish you at all. A story immersed in unbearable melodramas and clichés has got very little grace and emotional foundation to its credit. If you are totally unaware about Clint, this movie will give you some statistics.

The film tells us about the last one year of Clint’s life. He was a special kid who questioned everything to know about them. His painting talent was supported by his parents. During that period a kidney related disease causes problems and the movie Clint shows us the struggle of the family during that phase.

A biopic of a less discussed child prodigy needed to be an elaborate exploration of that talent. But in the hands of Harikumar, we don’t get to see that. The already known facts are being said again through various characters. There is a sequence that has Salim Kumar playing the role of a silly art critic and looking at the nature of this film, such inclusions are really irresponsible. The entire film has this old school melodrama and the last quarter of the movie is pretty much unbearable.

Master Alok is visually similar to Clint and in the earlier portions, he is quite effective. But when the character starts to speak all those heavy melodramatic dialogues the child is helpless. Unni Mukundan struggles with dialogue delivery and expressions. Rima Kallingal, on the other hand, manages to perform neatly. Vinay Forrt was also finding it very difficult to make the conversations real. Joy Mathew has done justice to his role.

It is quite disheartening to see quality veteran directors failing to pick up the changes that happen in cinema. Much like how Adoor stumbled with Pinneyum, we get to see Harikumar doing the same old outdated pattern in storytelling. Unrealistic extreme melodrama makes Clint very irritating. The screenplay is more interested in joining points rather than treating it with character emotions. Edits are clumsy and the frames are okay. The music department was also not that great.

Clint was a special talent and to make a cinema about that talent they should have explored that character by interpreting his imaginations. Instead, Harikumar just captures a less important phase in his life with all the theatricality.


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