Chembarathipoo Review: just an untidy patience tester

Chembarathipoo Review: just an untidy patience tester

Chembarathipoo starring Askar Ali is about a young man who aspires to be a film maker and decides to script a film based on his own life. Now the story he writes in this film based on the romantic equations he had in life is so lame that you will eventually end up laughing at the film itself for having the audacity to consider that as a good story. Performances being poor and screenplay being shallow, this movie from Arun Vaiga is a dull film.

Vinod is our hero. He has aspirations to become someone in the world of cinema. So in order to script a film, he decided to take his own experiences in love as a reference and create a story. Vinod’s efforts and how he manages to find a climax to that story is what Chembarathipoo showing us.

Arun Vaiga in a way is trying to create a visual replica of Premam by Alphonse Puthren. But his output doesn’t have the soul Premam had and it doesn’t even try to create rooted characters. The performances here are pretty dull and the hero is the prime example for that. The romance n this movie is treated as an eternal one, but we are shown how immature it was in the beginning. The proceedings here are painstakingly slow and nothing really happens here to surprise us.

Askar Ali who earlier appeared in Honey Bee 2.5, doesn’t seem to have any improvement. His expressions are really limited and a beard is not enough to cover up your minuses. The leading ladies, Parvathy Arun and Adithi Ravi who have very less share of dialogues are pretty in terms of looks, but otherwise aren’t making any impression. Aju Varghese once again becomes the “hero’s friend”. Dharmajan wasn’t funny and Vishak Nair is becoming repetitive.

When you are investing on a love story, there is a need to make the audience root for the characters by showing us the depth of the romance. But the director and writer Arun Vaiga is running short of those ideas and he is plotting the film with other irrelevant stuff like politics and other dramas. The teacher jokes in second half and the mannequin stuff in the first half doesn’t make any sense. The frequency of the songs was a little too much. The cuts are poor while the cinematography was fine.

Chembarathipoo is an untidy film. The two love stories they have tried to create has no emotional highs. And with the leading man delivering a really poor performance, this movie that runs for almost two and a half hours is a patience tester.


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