Ayaal Jeevichirippundu Movie Review - Too Dull To Inspire

Ayaal Jeevichirippundu movie Review

The film Ayal Jeevichirippundu has a booker prize winning Malayali struggling to get inspiration to write a new book. Kammattippadam fame Manikandan Achari plays a key role in the movie as the person who gives the much needed inspiration. Even though he is pretty effective in the film as a performer, the dramtic feel in the treatment and lack of depth makes this film from Vyasan K P an uninteresting drama.

John Mathew Mathan is the booker prize winning writer. His first book was largely inspired from his own childhood memories about his natibve place. With new contracts and all getting signed he is sort of facing pressure and at that time he happens to meet another Malayali Murukan at Goa. Language ignorant Murukan found John as a blessing and the film shows us their time in Goa and how that influences John.

A writer with writer’s block issue finding an interesting person with good and innocent qualities and that inspiring him to write a new book is a storyline that doesn’t really attract you for its freshness. Even the trailer of this film had all these elements. So the only thing that could make such a plot interesting was the reasons of inspiration and also the rapport between the two. Unfortunately for Ayal Jeevichirippundu, the rapport part was okay but the defining moments of inspiration were not at all solid. You don’t reall get to feel that bonding and with theatrical feel abundant in the outdated treatment the movie doesn’t really open up the way we expect it to be.

This is Vysan KP’s first film as director. Prior to this, he has written films like Avatharam, The Metro etc. The ambitious nature is there in this film as well with all the booker prize elements. But as a film maker he isn’t able to create moments cinematically. His main tool to create moments was his writing which btw wasn’t finding anything novel. Sequences added up to increase the comedy quotient only works against the film. There is a police investigation episode in the film which looks too exaggerated. Music of the film wasn’t that great. Cinematography was fine.

Vijay Babu was fine in a not so challenging John Mathew Mathan. Manikandan Achari gets another loud character and with his natural friendliness he easily becomes the innocent and humble Murukan. Kishor Sathya was fine. The actress who played the role of John’s wife was abysmal. Hareesh Peradi, Thesni Khan etc. have got characters that only add annoyance to the screen.

Ayal Jeevichirippundu fails to create an inspiring positive impression through its content.  The performance of Manikandan Achari and the discrete humour helps the film in not being entirely dull.


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