An International Local Story Review: extremely local

An International Local Story Review: extremely local

An International Local Story is the directorial debut of veteran actor Harisree Ashokan. The movie’s title may confuse you as an ambitious or peculiar film. But let me just tell you that it is just a friendship story narrated in a dull way with the help of a lot of skit jokes. With aimless subplots squeezed inside the script to create jokes, An International Love Story is extremely “local”.

It is difficult to explain the summary of the plot in a comprehensive way as the screenplay is too scattered. A guy named Rahul, who is a doctor is in love with a girl. But unfortunately, he is forced to marry another girl. Before the night of his wedding, he gets trapped in a legal mess and the movie An International Love Story shows us how Rahul’s friends try to help him in getting out of that problem.

There is an ongoing belief among some comedy movie makers that if something like a Kattappanayile Rithwik Roshan can work in the box office, anything with random comedy and an okay story can collect money. A predictable plot of one guy loving a girl and marrying another girl who is in love with a different person gets unnecessarily stretched out for the sake of comedy. Rather than adding layers to the existing story, Harisree Ashokan and his pool of writers are looking desperately for an opportunity to include comedy. And after going through a lot of random subplots to accommodate cameo appearances, An International Local Story culminates in a dull climax.

In this equally split screenplay that offers almost everyone the same amount of time on screen, there are no particularly memorable performances. Rahul Madhav is the chocolate hero and Surabhi Santosh is paired opposite to him. The requirement here is very much the looks. And the quintessential sidekicks of the hero are played by Deepak Parambol, Dharmajan, Bijukuttan, and Ashwin Jose. Manoj K Jayan, Tini Tom, and John Kaippallil play the role of a brother trio about whom the movie forgot after first 20 minutes. Harisree Ashokan, Nandhu and many more are there in the huge list of actors who showed their face on screen in this movie.

Manoj K Jayan, Tini Tom, and John Kaippallil play the roles of three brothers and the movie literally forgot about them at one point. Even when the movie ended I was wondering why that much of build-up and back story was given to those three characters. And this Harisree Ashokan movie gets distracted at many points in its search for crude comedy. When the film becomes this tale about friendship, things are very cheesy and clichéd. The makers sort of knew it and they used the only solution they had; jokes. Characters were going in and out without relevance and we are in that confused state whether we are watching Comedy Stars or a comedy movie. The music department wasn’t really impressive.

There are track comedies in Tamil movies that have no significance in the flow of the actual story of the movie. Imagine a movie with a major chunk of scenes like that and An International Local Story is exactly like that.


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