Alamara Malayalam movie review - an underwhelming experience.

Alamara Malayalam movie review

Alamara is trying to preach to the newly wed people to resolve issues rather than making a huge scene out of it. Midhun Manuel Thomas, whose films have always used comedy as a track to convey thoughts comes up with Alamara and to be honest it doesn’t have that connect one would expect. The humor this time is only available in the dialogue part and that causes a major issue in the movie being underwhelming.

Arun is a Bangalore based bank employee who is struggling in his hunt to find a bride. The conventional ways weren’t offering him any luck. After some funny scenarios he happens to find a girl named Swati and he goes through the proper channel to have an arranged marriage with her. But with both families having a not so friendly equation, the life after marriage became a test for Arun and with the introduction of an Almara gifted to Swati by her parents, the problems obly got worse. What all things happen after that and how it eventually opens the eye of our protagonists is what Alamara talking about.

Midhun Manuel Thomas’s movies have always been in the comedy zone. Here also he is trying to emphasize more on that kind of treatment. The other films from Midhun had more of a situation driven humor which made us laugh. But here it is reduced to dialogues. The Shetty character is given a build up as if he is going to play a key role in the whole development. But when you look at it at the end, it is pretty much an unnecessary extension. The climax portions that are largely driven by emotions is easily predictable.

Sunny Wayne has always played similar kind of characters that used his default body language and dialogue modulation. This character demanded something different from that and the lack of that something causes issues in his performance. Aditi Ravi looks fine for the part and was fine as the female lead. The elaborate cast of this film has names like Renji Panicker, Seema G Nair, Manju Satheesh, Sadiq, Manikandan Achari, Aju Varghese, Sudhy Kuppa and Saiju Kuruppu who were all fine in their respective roles.

Director seems to have depended too much on the improvised comedy rather than a properly written content. The cartoonish nature of certain characters doesn’t work the way expected because of the lack of good humor. The preachy intentions weren’t fulfilled as the screenplay invested too much time on not so relevant humor. The dialogues which were improvised scored more. Cinematography was fine but the music was disappointing.

From someone who was behind movies like Ohm Shanthi Oshana, Ann Maria Kalippilanu, the expectation was to offer a fair enough entertainer. But with desperation for comedy not working in favor, Alamara becomes an underwhelming experience.