Aby Malayalam movie review; not so deep, not so shallow

Aby Malayalam movie review; not so deep, not so shallow

There were some controversies as the movie Aby was loosely based on the life of Saji Thomas. So the expectations surrounding this Srikant Murali film penned by Santhosh Echikkanam was largely to be an inspiring film. Even though you might feel a little bit of that inspiring feel in the last 5 minutes of the film, Aby on the whole doesn’t have that overwhelming positivity to its credit. In terms of feel I found it pretty much similar to Kochava Paulo Ayyappa Coelho and like that film, Aby is fine as a story but not as great as a film.

The story is about Aby, a special talent who always wanted to fly. He used to jump from altitudes and caused a lot of injuries in his childhood. His father was a struggling insurance agent and mother was a housewife. But the talented Aby learned a lot through his own experiments and the film shows us how he eventually gets ready to make his dream come true.

Like the comparison I made with KPAC, Aby is more of a humorous typical Malayalam film. I was expecting the film to move me in an emotional way, but the predictability of the series of events happening in Aby’s life along with the formulaic inclusion of certain jokes, Aby becomes a bit verbally preachy. The usual way of showing the struggle against poverty and lack of faith gets repeated here and you don’t get to see much in to the efforts of Aby to the fulfillment of his dream. The GK character’s behavior looked really odd and the characterization is a little confusing to be honest. The last quarter of the film is also predictable, but with a climax that looks impressive, Aby covers up a lot of glitches there.

As the title protagonist Aby, Vineeth Sreenivasan tries his best to be that weird character. While the character had only a few dialogues, it was the body language that conveyed his emotions and Vineeth was okay in that. Happy Wedding fame Mareena Michael and Aanandam fame Vinitha Koshy were good in their characters. Suraj Venjaramood gets an evenly constructed character. Sudheer Karamana didn’t disappoint. A largely irrelevant character was given to Aju Varghese, just for the sake of comedy. Bollywood actor Manish Choudhary performed nicely as GK.

The making from Srikant Murali needs to take care of the drama that unfolds on the screen. Inspiration factor is there in the screenplay, but the verbal explanation takes away the charm. Predictability is the weak point of Santhosh Echikkanam’s script and Srikanth Murali can’t really hide it through the making. The key process here is the flight and we only get to see the external conflicts Aby has to face in that journey. Editing needed fineness. The frames were nice. Bijibal’s music was good. The background score suited the feel of the scenes very effectively.

Aby is watchable for sure. But in the making side it needed more moving scenes and characterizations to make us feel for the emotion and dream of the title character.


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