1971 Beyond Borders Review

1971 Beyond Borders Review

When Major Ravi came up with Picket 43, it was a pleasant surprise as he dwell more in to the personal side of soldiers in that movie. With his latest film 1971 Beyond Borders, he is trying to mix the previous films with Picket 43 and thus trying to give us a feel of a war movie that focuses more on the emotional desperations of soldiers. But the emphasis here wasn’t that solid enough to make us feel the emotions.

1971 War was the one that ended up in the formation of Bangladesh. Our familiar protagonist Major Mahadevan’s father Major Sahadevan was a commanding officer on field at that time. There was another Pakistani army man with same courage and manners who served for his country. The film is based on the fight between the troops headed by these two and how an emotional bonding happens between them.

The film is trying to put across various statements. The number of messages this movie tries to add in its 135 minutes runtime is numerous and for those who are very adamant about films with messages this movie has that part for you. Predictability is a downside of this movie. You can very easily guess what will be the next move, who is going to die etc. There is no great emphasis on the war tactics and the film desperately worships its hero which makes it look unreal at occasions. Pakistani soldiers showing respect to us is indeed a good visual to see on screen, but making it look too unreal was a major flaw.

More than the actor in him, the star in Mohanlal is utilized in 1971 Beyond Borders. In both shades of his character, he is surrounded by a bunch of people who only knows to praise him. That in a way limits him as an actor. Arunoday Singh who isn’t known for any staggering roles in Bollywood has managed to deliver a good performance in this movie. Allu Sirish’s character wasn’t really written neatly and he is more like a tool to widen the market of this movie. The elaborate cast of this film has names like Asha Sharath, Sudheer Karamana, Renji Panicker, Devan, Saiju Kurup, Manikkuttan and several others.

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Patriotism in the dialogues is a key feature of Major Ravi films and here also we can see the same. His earlier films with similar treatment had the advantage of being fresh, but with repetition this one doesn’t connect emotionally. Usual depiction soldier’s issues as person and as soldier are there here as well. The political statement of “say no to wars” is apparently the only major positive in this movie which looks commendable looking at what Gurmehar Kaur had to face. Cinematography and the production design had great quality. The background score was fine and the music was good.

1971 Beyond Borders is high on drama. If they had made the scenes look more real, even the most clichéd scenes would have made an impact considering the fact that they are the pain and happiness of a soldier. It is just an okay movie with a fair enough message.


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