Odiyan vs. Lucifer: Opening day collection comparison

Odiyan vs. Lucifer: Opening day collection comparison

Odiyan and Lucifer are two Mohanlal starrers, released with almost same amount of pre-release hype. Odiyan, released on December 14, 2018, had 1982 shows on its opening day while Lucifer, released on March 28, 2019, had 1723 shows. Odiyan still holds the record for opening day show count. The key difference between these two movies is, Odiyan was released with negative reviews while other is with highly positive response from the audience. Take a look at the detailed comparison between the opening day figures of Odiyan and Lucifer.

Area Odiyan Lucifer
Kerala Box Office 7.24 Crore 6.70 Crore
Kochi Multiplexes 12.66 Lakhs 15.13 Lakhs
Trivandrum Multiplexes 27.96 Lakhs 22.11 Lakhs
Trivandrum Single Screens 53.84 Lakhs 40.49 Lakhs
Ernakulam Single Screens 33.86 Lakhs 26.86 Lakhs
Kollam Single Screens 23.24 Lakhs 19.10 Lakhs
Thrissur Single Screens 19.39 Lakhs 9.86 Lakhs
Carnival Cinemas 55.61 Lakhs 49.29 Lakhs


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