Madhura Raja vs. Lucifer: Opening day collection comparison

Madhura Raja vs. Lucifer: Opening day collection comparison

Mohanlal and Mammootty are, obviously, the two strong pillars of the Malayalam film industry. Release of their movie literally creates a festival mood in cinema halls across the state. Regardless of the quality of movies, those will collect large money from theaters on the opening week itself, thanks to the undisputed star power of Ikka and Ettan, fondly called by their fans. Lucifer and Madhura Raja are the latest big Ms movies clashed at the box office. Mohanlal starrer Lucifer has hit the screens on March 28 while Madhura Raja was released on April 12. Let’s compare the opening day box office collection of those movies.

Area Madhura Raja Lucifer
Kerala Box Office 3.70 Crore 6.70 Crore
Kochi Multiplexes 5.26 Lakhs 15.13 Lakhs
Trivandrum Multiplexes 9.01 Lakhs 22.11 Lakhs
Trivandrum Single Screens 16.81 Lakhs 40.49 Lakhs
Ernakulam Single Screens 10.93 Lakhs 26.86 Lakhs
Kollam Single Screens 9.01 Lakhs 19.10 Lakhs
Thrissur Single Screens 19.39 Lakhs 24.88 Lakhs
Carnival Cinemas 14.95 Lakhs 49.29 Lakhs
North America $12,633 $60,117


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