7 Prominent personalities on Megastar Mammootty

When it comes to acting we know that politicians far outrun the stars. Yet we have a few politicians who admire a great star who is none other than Mammootty. Not surprising, since it is hard not to admire this star, the pride of Kerala. Let us listen to some of our politicians share their thoughts about him.

1. Umman Chandi

When Jabbar Patel the famous Hindi movie maker wanted to make a movie on Ambedkar, he came looking for our Mammootty and this can be attributed only to his acting talent. I am also impressed by his charity and social commitment even when he shines as a star beyond our reach. It amazes me how he keeps himself so young. On screen he can be the thunderbolt and the moonlight at the same time.

2. Advocate P S Sreedharan Pillai

When Ambedkar was shown in Delhi for a selected audience, I was also fortunate to be there. Rajagopali, Vajpeyiji and Adwaniji were also there. As an advocate I was familiar with this star but the accolade that he gained from the audience thrilled me and made me proud to be a Malayali.

3. M A Baby

In Azhakiya Raavanan there is a scene in which the hero realizes that the girl he was going to marry was tricked into losing her virginity by the villain. She openly tells him this and the emotions that appear on the hero's face have been portrayed skillfully by Mammootty. This scene is unforgettable.

4. C K Padmanabhan

He shines best in the roles of advocates and police officers. He is the symbol of masculinity for Malayalis and well known for his works of charity. When I was asked on a talk show to name my favourite star I had no doubt in my mind to mention his name.

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5. M V Sreyamskumar

Mammootty's rough nature is only in the exterior. He is really soft hearted. He is able to look at life in a light hearted way and even joke about it. This maturity is his hallmark. This personality fascinates me whenever I meet him.

6. Dr. M K Muneer

Mammootty is a very straightforward person and he is not scared to voice his opinions anywhere and to anyone. He is also aware of the latest technology in the world. He keeps track of them and is willing to educate you on them just for your asking. He brings a richness to the scenes unlike any other actor.

7. Sukumar Azheekkodu

I have never seen any Mammootty movie but I have seen some clippings on TV. What got my attention was his name. People usually go for a more glamorous name when they choose a different one. But he has taken up a more colloquial version of his original name. This oddity is at the core of his acting skills also.

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