5 disappointing Malayalam movies with great trailers

Trailers are basically a short video clip that gives basic idea about the movie. However, a nice trailer doesn't mean that the movie is any good. Here are five disappointing Malayalam movies that had catchy trailers.

1. Gangster

5 disappointing Malayalam movies with great trailers - Gangster

Obviously, the trailer of Aashiq Abu’s Gangster, starring Megastar Mammootty in the lead role, is one of the most intriguing trailers ever released in Malayalam so far. But, the movie, scripted by actor turned scenarist Ahmed Sidhique, was an epic fail. Half-baked screen play and poorly developed characters made this movie an underwhelming experience.

2. Lord Livingston 7000 Kandi

5 disappointing Malayalam movies with great trailers - Lord Livingston 7000 Kandi

After watching the trailer of Lord Livingston 7000 Kandi, everybody thinks that the movie would become a milestone in the history of Malayalam film industry. But, the movie pathetically fails to live up to fantasy adventure genre. The only good thing about the movie, directed by award-winning director Anil Radhakrishnan Menon, is breathtaking visuals by Jayesh Nair.

3. Valleem Thetti Pulleem Thetti

5 disappointing Malayalam movies with great trailers - Valleem Thetti Pulleem Thetti

Despite having a fantastic trailer, Valleem Thetti Pulleem Thetti directed by debutant Rishi Sivakumar was a total disaster in all aspects. The movie, which was released in 2016, is a collage of trashy comedy scenes and brainless twists. The only positive thing about the movie is the unfeigned music composed by debutant Sooraj S. Kurup.

4. Oru Mexican Aparatha

5 disappointing Malayalam movies with great trailers - Oru Mexican Aparatha

The trailer of Oru Mexican Aparatha is fair enough to excite youngsters, especially those who with convergence towards communist ideology. However, this political campus thriller, directed by debutant Tom Emmatty, couldn't live up to everyone’s expectations and turned out to be something of a clumsy political movie.

5. White

5 disappointing Malayalam movies with great trailers - White

Megastar Mammootty’s White directed by debutant Uday Ananthan had a good trailer, which definitely can be considered as one of the most stylish trailers ever released in Malayalam. However, the movie, which was shot at many foreign countries including Hungary and England, was absolutely a pathetic attempt.

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